Wooden Postcards

We have a variety of wooden postcards, all printed on FSC timber. You can write on the reverse of the card using a ball point pen and the cards can be sent through the post using a first class stamp.  Sustainable and durable, our wooden postcards are easy to send, a joy to receive and absolutely brilliant to keep and display!

Please note that the postcards will not appear as brightly coloured as they do on screen, but they are as beautiful. 

The Flower Fairies© The Estate of Cecily Mary Barker

Almond Fairy £3.70
Buttercup Fairy £3.70
Candy Tuft Fairy £3.70
Canterbury Bell Fairy £3.70
Cornflower Fairy £3.70
Daffodil Fairy £3.70
Daisy Fairy £3.70
Forget Me Not Fairy £3.70
Ground Elder Fairies £3.70
Heather Fairy £3.70
Lavender Fairy £3.70
Lilac Fairy £3.70
Marigold Fairy £3.70
Pink Fairies £3.70
Poppy Fairy £3.70
Primrose Fairy £3.70
Red Clover Fairy £3.70
Rose Fairy £3.70
Sweet Pea Fairy £3.70
Winter Jasmine Fairy £3.70