Lamp Shade Colour Swatches

We have a wide variety of design and colour options from which you can choose to have your shades created from. Please take a look through the examples below which are shown lit and unlit using a 60w equivalent LED bulb.
If you are replacing a shade or have a size in mind that is not listed please contact us and we can enquire with the makers.
When ordering please be sure to tell us if your shade is for a ceiling fixture or lamp as some of our shade designs have a "right way up".
All of our lamp shades are lined with a flame retardant PVC backing giving them a rigid construction, you can use up to a 60w bulb.
The lampshade can be used with all UK and European lamps and pendants. The 25mm converter insert ring (UK fitting) can be simply removed to fit any European fitting.

Please contact us for delivery charges.









Big flower



Washi Paper from Kyoto

Our Japanese Washi Paper is hand made in the traditional manner. The design is built up, using multiple screen printing layers, on to hand made paper. The word washi comes from "wa" meaning Japanese and "shi" meaning paper.